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  • Team Alpha Male’s Josh Emmett and UFC’s Worst Hand Injury

    Team Alpha Male’s Josh Emmett and UFC’s Worst Hand Injury

    Our guest for episode 161 is Sacramento’s own Josh Emmett. Josh is undefeated in his MMA career and fights in the UFC out of Urijah Faber’s Team Alpha Male. You probably know him best as the guy who got the worst hand injury in the history of the UFC a few months back, still finished the fight…and won!

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  • The Steroid Games | PowerCast #159

    The Steroid Games | PowerCast #159

    In episode 159, we ask the question, “Should steroids be allowed in sports?” If they were, what would that look like? Are doping controls working at all now? Should athletes just be given drugs and monitored?

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  • PowerCast #158|Brooke & Sydney Wells (Like Man Buns)

    PowerCast #158|Brooke & Sydney Wells (Like Man Buns)

    Episode 158 is all about shared talent and sibling rivalry with our twin guests Brooke and Sydney Wells. Brooke just finished 6th in the 2016 CrossFit Games and Sydney is a standout track athlete at Mizzou (where they are both students). Brooke gives us and inside look at what it’s like to be a top Games competitor, and she and Sydney contrast their current training and diet approaches. 

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  • PowerCast #156 | Chalk & Glocks & Instagrammys

    PowerCast #156 | Chalk & Glocks & Instagrammys

    In episode 156, we discuss some of the issues related to Crossfit’s decision to offer Glock handguns as prizes for the games this year. We break down some funny and startling Instagram posts. We talk about Eddie Hall’s huge 1,102 lbs deadlift, and Mike schools us on “ath-leisure” clothing. Mark Bell hosts with Michael Farr and Jim McDonald.

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  • PowerCast #155 – Real World Tactical – Guest Tony Sentmanat

    PowerCast #155 – Real World Tactical – Guest Tony Sentmanat

    Our guest for episode 155 is Tony Sentmanat, Tony is a Marine Corps vet and a retired Miami police officer with 14 years of service. Now he owns Real World Tactical, a training business combining functional strength and hands on tactical training. We talk training, we talk recent events, and we hit him up for some suggestions about staying alive during a sudden attack.

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  • PowerCast #154 – Asked & Answered

    PowerCast #154 – Asked & Answered

    In this episode, we take a bunch of your questions, talk about the passing of Buddy Ryan, the mastermind of the 1985 Chicago Bears defense, that creepy new Kanye video, and what the heck is going with spotting in powerlifting meets.

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  • PowerCast #153 – Jason “Big J” English

    PowerCast #153 – Jason “Big J” English

    We talk about how he fought back from a freak accident that happened while he was in the Army that threatened to keep him from ever walking normally again. His decision to get into bodybuilding and fitness and eventually start a gym. What it was like to train with Ronnie Coleman and Branch Warren in Texas at Metroflex back in the day. And how an over 50 fitness world veteran with a background in bodybuilding, powerlifting, strongman, and martial arts approaches YouTube collaborations with some of the top fitness channels.

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  • PowerCast #152 – Find Something You Love…

    PowerCast #152 – Find Something You Love…

    This episode gave us a chance to catch up with each other and talk through some recent events including a meet some of our gym members just competed in, a crazy Instagram video from Barbell Brigade you’ve got to check out, the sad situation of the mass shooting in Orlando, and a great loss to the strength community — the passing of Chris Moore.

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  • PowerCast #151 – Alan Thrall

    PowerCast #151 – Alan Thrall

    Our guest for episode #151 is a local dude. Alan Thrall has a popular YouTube channel filled with instructional lifting videos and has a strongman gym in here Sacramento.

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  • PowerCast #150: IFBB Pro Brad Rowe and Figure Competitor Stephanie Rowe

    PowerCast #150: IFBB Pro Brad Rowe and Figure Competitor Stephanie Rowe

    Our guests for episode #150 are Brad and Stephanie Rowe. Brad is an IFBB Pro bodybuilder and Stephanie is figure competitor working on landing her pro card. We talked about their approach to training, dieting, and competing, how the support each other as a couple in a hyper competitive world, and what lead them to step on stage in the first place.

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