Matt Vincent’s DRIFTA LIFTA Part 2- Jesse Burdick, Tacos, CSA, Nutrition for Strength Athletes

After getting out of San Francisco, I got on my way to chat with My strength Coach Jesse Burdick at CSA in Pleasanton.

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Mark Bell’s PowerCast #73 – Krissy Mae Cagney Returns

Krissy Mae Cagney of Donuts and Deadlifts returns to the show for a sometimes irreverent, sometimes painfully honest discussion of risque Instagram selfies, preparing to compete in the USAPL, her evolving experience of sobriety, coping with bipolar disorder in a loved one, and mind-expanding travel experiences.

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Mark Bell’s PowerCast #72 – Jim Stoppani – The Lost Episode

BONUS TUESDAY EPISODE! Jim Stoppani (@jimstoppani) carries a doctorate in exercise physiology with a minor in biochemistry from the University of Connecticut, but some people think he has a black belt in bro science.

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Mark Bell’s PowerCast #71 – Finding Failure, Creating Success

Welcome to 2015! This episode was recorded right before we broke for the holidays. We talk about a bunch of stuff, including how to predict your point of failure when attempting a max weight, a cup that tells you your macros, and Bones Jones.

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Rack Pulls and Assistance Squats | Mark Bell Commentary

Rack pulls off the Rogue straps, heavy pulls with the big wheels, and some squat reps for assistance work.

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Mark Bell’s PowerCast #70 “Another Listen: Stan Efferding”

We’re on break for one more week, so here’s another favorite with one of our favorite people, Stan “Rhino” Efferding.

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