Adrian Larsen Can and Will | Heavy Talk and Big Benching

Adrian Larsen, former all-time bench press world record holder talks about the struggles he had growing up due to the corrective surgeries he underwent after being born with dislocated hips and clubfeet.

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Right Message at the Right Time | A Fan Visits ST

A fan visits the gym, hits a squat PR and talks about a day when a Super Training video was the right message at the right time.

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Fat Dan’s Next Check in (ft. Silent Mike)

Third video, second check in. Fat Dan talks about sticking to his plan while on vacation in Las Vegas.

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PowerCast #89 – En Fuego!

Super Training Gym manager “Detroit” joins us to talk about the fire that struck one of the gym restrooms last week. We talk about the Tribeca Film Festival and the premiere of “Prescription Thugs” and share some thoughts on mental illness, addiction, and will power.

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PowerCast #88 – Background Check

In a change of pace episode, we interview each other and talk about the formative moments that ignited our interests and led us to where we are now.

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PowerCast #87 – Proudest Moments (or Q & A from Meatspin City)

We discuss a variety of listener questions including what sumo deadlifts are really good for, whether you should really squat every day, why poop floats, our favorite athletes, and our proudest moments that came about because of powerlifting.

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