Mark Bell’s PowerCast #61 – Peanut Butter and Jealousy – Guests Jesse Burdick & Chris Bell

Jesse Burdick ( and Chris Bell (@bigstrongfast) join us for a wild and wide-ranging discussion. We cover Jesse’s new bench programming, cookie sundaes, training to compete in more than one sport at a time, Viagra, the war on carbs, a hamburger with peanut butter and jelly, and the explosion of MLM schemes in fitness.

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Big Boy Squat Crew | Zyski 685 x 4 | Mark Bell Commentary

Mark Bell talks about his newfound training motivation after his retirement from competitive powerlifting. David Zyski, Marcus Sannadan, and Fat Dan squat with Mark Bell and Silent Mike. #bigboysquatcrew

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Mark Bell’s PowerCast #60 – The Welbourn Identity – Guest John Welbourn

Ten year NFL veteran, CEO of Power Athlete HQ, and Founder of CrossFit Football, John Welbourn joins us to talk about his early experiences with powerlifting, his career in the NFL, and how he learned to eat for optimal performance on the field.

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Block Pull Variations 10-7-2014 | Mark Bell Commentary

Big pulls with the “wagon wheels” and off blocks.

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Mark Bell’s PowerCast #59 “AKA Kim Valentine” – Guest Kim Tran

One hundred and five pound powerlifting marvel, Kim Tran drops in to talk about her drive to be a top powerlifter, what she learned from training with Mike Tuchscherer, and the mystery behind the increasing number of Asian powerlifters.

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Benches and Assistance 10-9-2014 | Mark Bell Commentary

Bench presses and some floor press assistance work.

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