Layne Norton – The Common Denominator is You | PowerCast #194

The most popular guest ever to appear on this program, in terms of downloads at least, is Dr. Layne Norton. Layne’s back to talk about a number of topics including, a sort of a “once and for all” take on ketogenic diets, the trials and tribulations of starting a new business, and what he learned from facing various challenges during 2016. He opens up about the struggles with injuries and personal issues that ended up shaping his year. Sometimes you have to realize that the common denominator is all your struggles is you.

You can find Layne on social media at @biolayne and at

Mark Bell hosts with Jim McDonald

Photography: Andrew Zaragoza

Live Social Media: Steven “Lil’ Smokey” Granzella.

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Audio/video production by Jim McDonald.

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