Gary Vaynerchuk – You Have to Love the Process! | PowerCast #189

Back in the early days of the Sling Shot business, Mark’s dad gave him a copy of the audio version of Gary Vaynerchuk’s book “Crush It” This book helped Mark and his wife strategize how to promote the business using social media. Obviously, having Gary on the podcast was a dream come true.

Recorded at Vayner Media in New York City, Gary sat down with Mark, Jim, Mark’s wife Andee Bell, Gary’s trainer (and powerlifter) Jordan Syatt, and Gary’s assistant Tyler Schmidt.

Gary and his family emigrated from the Soviet Union in the late ‘70s. Gary took over management of his father’s liquor store in 1999, turning it into the online marketing juggernaut, Wine Library. Using video and social media, annual revenue grew from $3 million to $60 million in just a few years. He became an early investor in Facebook, Twitter, Uber, as well as many other success businesses when they were just startups.
Now, he runs Vayner Media, a social media focused digital media agency, with his brother. A few years ago, Gary started putting an emphasis on fitness amid his crazy busy schedule.

He comments on the current state of social media entrepreneurship, growing up the child of hardworking immigrant parents, how he tries to balance work and family, and what it takes to succeed in business in our current environment.
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