Charles Poliquin – Part 2: Hell Yes…or No | PowerCast #182

Episode 182 is part 2 of our conversation with Charles Poliquin. This part ended up being somewhat more about business. Being broke, figuring out how to make money, growing a business, and even the value of philanthropy – which is something that Charles feels has been very important in his success. The title “Hell Yes, or No” comes from another one of those “aha” moments while listening to Charles. This one was about making business decisions, but it could really apply to any decision.
Charles has a special offer for PowerCast viewers and listeners. Head over to for a deal on a muscle building program that he’s put together. Maybe the best part is that you get access to ask questions of the man himself through a private Facebook group. There’s even a 30-day money-back guarantee. Who couldn’t use more muscle? (This is NOT a sponsored message.)

You can find Charles at and @strengthsensei on Instagram.

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