Charles Poliquin – Part 1: The Myth of Discipline | PowerCast #181

Our guest for episode 181, and later in the week 182 is Charles Poliquin.

Right off the bat in this episode Mark calls Charles the most successful trainer of all time. He’s trained Olympic athletes, influenced millions through his books and articles, and trained a LOT of trainers and other individuals. He also remains one of the most popular guests ever on Tim Ferriss’ podcast, which makes it all that much cooler than he’s on our show! Some of you may not be as aware of Charles as you are of last week’s guest, Stan Efferding. The recording session for this episode ran about the same length as last week’s with Stan, so we decided to break this one up into a Wednesday/Friday split. This first episode is called the Myth of Discipline.

In part, because of that’s the title of Charles’ most shared article and in part, because of this quote: “When you love something, you never have a problem with discipline.” (Also, check out his article of the same name:

We’ll see you back here on Friday for more with Charles Poliquin. In the meantime, you can find out more about Charles at and @strenghsensei on social media.

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