PowerCast #151 – Alan Thrall

Our guest for episode #151 is a local dude. Alan Thrall has a popular YouTube channel filled with instructional lifting videos and has a strongman gym in here Sacramento. Somehow we’d never crossed paths with him before, but you can bet it will happen a lot more in the future. Alan has a very practical approach to training, and to creating how to lift videos. His poop story from his days in the Marines is for sure in our top 10.

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  1. You mention Rippetoe only teaching people to skwaat one way which is obviously not for everyone. I primarily teach new lifters, and teach them the Rippetoe method. Apart from low bar high bar and sumo I don’t really know any other methods of back squat. Is there a definitive guide somewhere which outlines the different methods and when each is suited for a person? Would be good to be able to customise things that much more for the body types I encounter.

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