Reebok Power Shoe is Here!

You’ve been hearing about it for months and now it’s finally here! Check out the video and see WHY this shoe is truly different. Mark Bell and Jesse Burdick worked with Reebok to come up with the best shoe ever for powerlifting. Up to size 14 is available now. Larger sizes up to 16 are expected later in the year. Custom colors will be available in February.

The men’s shoe runs wide due to the expanded toe box. You may need to order half a size smaller than your size is regular shoes (NOT necessarily your size in Chucks). Women’s shoe runs closer to normal sizes.

Click the link and scroll down to the Reebok Crossfit Lite TR (that’s the official name of the shoe).
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  1. A great pair of stylish and comfort shoes are this Reebok Crossfit Shoes. Try them.

  2. Fcapdeville

    Should I only wear them at the gym? Or could I wear them on my way there (it’s a long walk)?

  3. Fcapdeville

    Should these shoes be worn only at the gym? I usually take a long walk to my gym so I’m not sure if I could wear them on my way there.

  4. Mike Simmons

    These shoes look real nice and I would really like to try a pair but they don’t come in my size. I wear a size 15. Do you think that they will make larger sizes?

  5. I have tried to purchase this shoe in a size 16 but Reebok continues to tell me they cannot get the shoe in that size. I am very disappointed that I cannot get this shoe. Do you have any helpful tips?

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