Mobilizing the Shoulder for Big Pressin’!

Mark Bell shares a secret stretch for his booooy Kelly Starrett to mobilize some stuck tissues in his shoulder. Mark has 2nd of the highest full power bench press in the history of Powerlifting in the 275 pound weight class with a press of 854lbs. Mark has also recently benched 510 @ 242 raw. These matted down stuck tissues are sometimes referred to as sliding surface injuries. Kelly Sterrett points this out clearly in his new book becoming a supple leopard. A little bit of mobility can help to free up these stuck tissues for better movement and performance. #PowerProject

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  1. Mark, Can too much shoulder flexibility be a weakness in the bench press? I’ve also been blessed with skinny ass wrists. Played/trained collegiate football 4 years and have been training block periodization and 531 for the past 3 years. Have not been able to break 300 lbs on the bench press. Currently 5’8 205 lbs.

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