Late Night Benchin’ with Eric Spoto | Interview | Mark Bell Commentary

A crazy line up at this table.

Recorded around midnight the night before the 2012 Olympia, Super Training’s Juan Laija jumps in with Eric Spoto and some of his training partners for Eric’s speed bench day. After a crazy lineup for dinner that included Stan Efferding, Ed Coan, George “Baby Slayer” Leeman, Flex Wheeler, Creed Childress, Jesse Burdick, and Mark and Andee Bell, I dragged Juan out to a gym in Henderson, NV to watch Eric bench. I say I dragged Juan but really I talked him into driving me. Because of his work schedule, he basically hadn’t slept in a couple days, and I think he jumped into this session in part just to stay awake. When we got to the gym, Eric made his way around and said hi to his buds before he picked a bench to start warming up. It was a little like Norm walking into Cheers.

Juan said the weights were getting heavy fast with the band tension, so we talked about a good speed weight to drop down to. Eric is so strong, it’s crazy to try to keep up with him. A couple of Eric’s lightweight bodybuilder buddies got talked into playing along so the session would have a good pace. Eric, Juan and Creed offered them some tips and I think they both did better than they expected to.

At the end of the bench session, Juan and I both needed to crash so I asked Eric a few questions about the rest of the session. Stick around ’til the end for this interview.

Voiceover commentary by Mark Bell  sponsored by Mark Bell’s Sling Shot  and Power Magazine

Eric will attempt to break the all time raw bench press record on Nov. 3 at Super Training Gym in The Backyard Meet of the Century. Meet will be streamed live here on SuperTraining.TV. Trophies and prizes for The Backyard Meet of the Century and the SPF women’s Pro-Am November 3 and 4, 2012 at Super Training Gym provided by Spud Inc.

Here’s a version without commentary.


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