Efferding 905 and Green 800 | Greatest Raw Squat Session Ever? | Mark Bell Audio Commentary

What to say about this session? Did history happen? Has a raw squat session like this ever happened before?  With two huge raw squats by two guys with amazing relative strength in the same gym at the same time?

While it was happening, it was a big deal…and then again it wasn’t. As a team, we’re most concerned about keeping the lifters safe and giving them the best chance to excel. It’s hard to even focus on the weight being lifted beyond making sure it’s loaded correctly. It’s more about whether all the conditions are right..and for me, that we’re capturing it the best we can.

Photo by Sam McDonald

The same will be true of the meets November 3 and 4 – The Backyard Meet of the Century and the Women’s Pro-Am – at Super Training Gym. We’ll be supporting the lifters the best we can and I’ll be focused on documenting the lifts the best I can. We’ll be running a live stream and I’ll be running as many photo and video cameras as I can get my hands on. I believe that we will have a sponsor for the stream…and the SuperTraining.TV videos coming from this meet…but there’s always room for more. If you’re interested in video sponsorship contact me: Jim@SuperTraining.TV. The more support we have, the better job we can do in recording this historic meet.

Will “all-time” records fall in this meet. Probably…but that’s really a game of semantics and context, isn’t it? There’s no Guinness Book of Powerlifting…yet. No authority that assures the validity of any lift in any meet across all federations…local, state, regional, national or international. It’s simply the most weight anyone has successfully accomplished in a meet for a specific lift at a certain body weight.

The argument of local meets vs. national or international meets is largely irrelevant to anyone who has attended meets at all levels. Take judging. In my experience, some meets have great and consistent work by the referees and some don’t. It doesn’t matter where the meet happens or where the competitors come from. As long as humans do the judging, this will continue to be the case. Every meet director lines up a crew and hopes for the best. Every single one. (I often wonder if the local vs. national/international debate is a more about the days when drug-tested federations were the norm and performances were…less spectacular…at higher level meets where drug testing was more likely.) There’s always an issue of travel and changing time zones for many competitors at national and international meets, but the meets on the Nov. 3 and 4 will have these elements as well. Here’s another consideration: climate control. Most national and international meets have it. Our meets won’t. The gym has no insulation, no climate control and a number of huge roll up doors that will need to be open. You tell me which conditions are tougher.

An all-time record gives you one thing and one thing only…bragging rights. Beyond that, it’s hard to understand all the noise that’s made online about whether a lift is an “all-time” lift because of the conditions in which it was performed. The people who make the most noise are usually those with no shot at ever holding one. If you’re someone who wants bragging rights, the answer is simple. Find a meet and lift more weight!

Photo by Sam McDonald

Back to the video at hand, the internet keyboard warriors love to pick apart lifts on video. It’s really a meaningless hobby for folks with too much time on their hands, but I guess we gave them plenty to work during this training session. We ran as many cameras as we had tripods, plus I shot handheld with Stan’s iPhone as well. I wish that it was possible to see more from the side view but it points up the importance of side judges really following a lift…and how difficult it can be to get a valid perspective. You can definitely see how much the bar travelled and really, that should be enough.

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Jim McD
Producer – SuperTraining.TV

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  1. God damn that was a lot of weight

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