Sneak Peek Leak of Upcoming Documentary Short Featuring Mark Bell

We’re leaking some very early visuals from a documentary short being produced by Vance Jacobs Photography (producers of that nifty Kelly Starrett book trailer). The filmmakers were looking for individuals who are devoted to particular activities for the love the activity rather than money, fame or some external reward. (I think we all know that powerlifting definitely qualifies as one of those activities.) This short is one of a series of four that will feature people in different activities. It will cover Mark’s life in and out of Super Training Gym.

Mark was previously featured in the documentary “Bigger Stronger Faster*’ and appeared in the documentaries “Inside Professional Wrestling School” and “Power Unlimited.”

We’ll pass on more information as it becomes available. It’s still very early in production. Here is the ST TV video from the same night.


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