Efferding, the Lilliebridges, Aita and Green in the Same Meet?

The SPF Men’s Open on Sat., November 3, 2012 is shaping up to be a huge meet! Mark Bell has the inside scoop on about who’s planning to compete…and Max Aita is already registered. Who else is going to step up? This meet will offer raw, single ply and multi-ply, but the real battle is shaping up in raw division.

The Third Annual SPF Women’s Pro-Am is the next day, Sunday the 4th. Both meets will be streamed live on here on SuperTraining.TV. Monday the 5th will feature a half day Mobility for Power Athletes seminar with Kelly Starrett.

Registration for both meets is here: http://www.supertraininggym.com/upcoming-meets/

Registration for the seminar is here (scroll down): http://www.supertraininggym.com/seminars/

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