Q and A: What to Do About a Tight Lower Back?


Jesse Burdick gives some tips on dealing with a tight lower back. #powerproject

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  1. midevilironsmasher

    You guya are doing a service for guys like me and i really appreciate the videos. About a year ago i caught the iron bug and started powerlifting. I’m self taught as far as my technique and everything thanks to the internet. I’ve made some amazing gains in strength over the past year. I went? from having a hard time squatting 225 to maxing out last month at 435. Lately Iv’e been hitting alot of platues and having a hard time getting stronger and bigger and i’ve been looking for a program that is more geared towards? hypetrophy and mass building to just build my overall frame. I’m 24 6″2″ 212lb with around 12-14% bf. Was just wandering if you had any advice for me or any programs that you would choose for these types of goals.

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