Q and A: How Do I Train with Flat Feet?

Jesse Burdick (PowerWod.com) manages to keep a straight face (sorta) while answering a question about flat feet from a guy who calls himself “12inweiner.” The TKEs Jesse talks about are terminal knee¬†extensions. If you’re unsure how to perform them, use google to look up some videos. They are super simple. #PowerProject

(Note from Jim McD: Before you jump into using orthotics, do some reading about flat feet and minimalist shoes. A lot of people have had good luck with using minimalist shoes to address all kinds of foot issues. I had reoccuring problems with plantar fasciitis until I started wearing some New Balance minimal shoes. You have to adjust to them slowly at first but for me they’ve made a huge difference. New Balance is NOT a sponsor of SuperTraining.TV…but that would be awesome. If you’re a trainer or coach, they offer a pretty good discount program, btw.)


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