Q and A: How Did You Start Super Training?

Mark Bell answers a question about the origin of Super Training Gym. #PowerProject

Notes from Jim McD: As Mark alludes to, the group who came be known as Team Super Training started training together in November of 2005 in the back of a commercial gym in Woodland, CA. We eventually moved out, in part because of concerns over the financial health of that gym. Super Training Gym started in October of 2006 in a light industrial/office park in the northern part of Sacramento — a pretty rough neighborhood. We moved in with Midtown Strength and Conditioning (in downtown Sacramento) in 2008.

Below is some previously unreleased HD footage from 2006 when we had first moved into our own location. You can see that it started off as a pretty basic, bare bones setup. I had been asked by Bigger Stronger Faster director Chris Bell to start accumulating some footage of the new gym. This was some of that footage. Ten points to anyone who knows WHY it’s called Super Training.


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  1. Jack Gattenio

    Verkhoshansky’s book supertraining sounds cool

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