Super Training Squat Day 4-16-2011


Can’t exactly say how Treston and Juan came to be this position…the one in the featured image for this post. I’m not even sure either of them lifted this day, but regardless, they seemed to be sharing a very chummy moment.

Liftingwise, Mark, Jeff and Bill tackle some cambered bar squats against bands. Then, Greg, visitor Bill Newman and new guy Ron do some pulls against bands. Greg generally squats and pulls heavier on Saturday (which is a dynamic day for rest of us) due to his schedule. Jessica and Tara also do some straight weight squats.



  1. Good Job! Best regards from Swiss

  2. Hi,I would like to try this program, but I am clruentry in the middle of another one. Should I stop that one at the end of the month and then start the BPB on Oct 1st, or do you think I can follow both at the same time (fyi, the other program is more strength-based, focussing on the deadlift, squat and bench press)?Oh and one stupid question (since I was never a track and field athlete): what is a broad jump? Is that the same as a long lump?Thanks!

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