Congratulations to Westside’s A.J. Roberts: New All-time 308 total and Second Highest All-time Total

The first time I met A.J. Roberts in person was at APF Seniors in 2005, where the Detroit mosquitoes were the size of Cessnas.  He sought me out,  introduced himself and we talked for a while about a mutual friend who was going through some tough times. I’d love to be able to say that I could see back then that he would be capable of totaling 2,525 someday, but what I really remember thinking was…wow, what a nice chap. Not everyone in powerlifting is as encouraging, positive, and  willing to say “screw it” to all the obstacles as A.J. It’s no wonder that he’s now such a great fit at Westside.

I did a couple meets in Washington while A.J. was still in college and lifting with Brent Mikesell’s Iron Gladiators. He was a huge help to me, especially during what was his first meet as a meet director. In 2007, some of us were lucky enough to see A.J.’s first 1,000 lbs squat in competition. (From the same meet, watch as Mark Bell explains to A.J. the importance of out-benching your deadlift. Sure enough, A.J.’s record total includes an 870 bench and an 815 deadlift.) When we decided to add an Elite and Pro Lifter section to the Super Training forum, he was one of the first to sign up. He maintained his log on our site until he landed a sponsorship gig with

All of us at ST congratulate A.J. on his huge total. You can read A.J.’s meet write-up here on the ProPower site.

Jim McDonald


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  1. awesome 🙂

    allow me to add, Benedikt Magnusson`s 1015lbs deadlift raw this weekend at the Ronnie Coleman classic in Texas is one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen…..

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