Visit to Cal Strength | Power Project

Mark Bell and Silent Mike visit Cal Strength for a strength seminar targeting Olympic lifters. Be sure to watch both parts!

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Champions Always Prepare…Behind The Scenes of The Power Project

Mark and Chris Bell go behind the scenes of shooting a Power Project episode…and the present a new episode.

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Mark Bell’s PowerCast #50 – You Don’t Know Dick

Our barrel chested, deep voiced announcer Dick Lickerson (AKA Matt Nickerson) joins us for what was supposed to be a short appearance on a bonus episode. Due to circumstances beyond our control, this is what we got. Mark Bell hosts with Michael Farr and Jim McDonald. Subscribe and listen on iTunes or use the player below. Mark Bell’s PowerCast – You Don’t Know Dick

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Turning a Tragedy Into Something Positive

The Power Project tries tackle the tragedy of death. Mark Bell discusses ways to get past the loss of a friend or family member.

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Mark Bell’s PowerCast #49 – Chris Bell and Lauren Pappas

Chris Bell and Lauren Pappas join us to talk about Chris’s move out of LA, what the hell’s wrong with movies these days, what directors learn from making documentaries, and who shaves the places the bodybuilders at Gold’s Gym in Venice can’t reach themselves. We also spend some time talking about training.

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Hip Mobility Warmups with Silent Mike

Here are a couple of Mike’s favorite hip warmups with the Hip Circle from

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