Check Out the Trailer for Matt Vincent’s “Drifta Lifta” Series!

Our boy Matt Vincent gets around. He competes and lifts all over the world as a top Highland Games athlete. He also loves great food, outstanding coffee, and really great liquor. Follow Matt on one trip to California in this web series called, “Drifta Lifta.”

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Mark Bell’s PowerCast #65 – “Athletes Ain’t Tryna Be Powerlifters” – Guest Jesse Burdick

Jesse Burdick joins us to talk about off-season training for athletes, specifically baseball players. We discuss the difference between using the power lifts to train athletes and training competitive powerlifters. Mark Bell hosts with Michael Farr and Jim McDonald. Subscribe to the audio version on iTunes. On Android and iPhone, listen to us on the Stitcher app. Listen without an app on ShoutEngine or using the player below. Mark Bell’s PowerCast – Athletes Ain’t Tryna Be Powerlifters

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Deadlift and Squats 11-4-2014 | Mark Bell Commentary

Reebok exec Jared Davis drops in for a deadlift and assistance squat session with Mark and Silent Mike. Also, the Big Boys squat.

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Bench Session 10-23-2014 | Mark Bell Commentary

A look at one of the last bench sessions in the old location of Super Training Gym.

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Mark Bell’s PowerCast #64 – Business in the Front, Deadlift Party in the Back

The first episode recorded in our new studio inside the new Super Training Gym! We tackle an extensive list of questions from our contest with @ReebokONE and pick the winners.

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Barbell Brigade Seminar – Part 2 with Mark Bell and Silent Mike

Mark Bell gives more advice on lifting and life at Barbell Brigade in Los Angeles, California.

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