Speed Deads and Assistance with Silent Mike

Silent Mike walks us through a speed deadlift and assistance workout. Part 1 of a series.

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Mark Bell’s PowerCast #33 – Game Changer: Tony Budding Cooks Up a Pro Team Sport for the 21st Century

NPFL CEO Tony Budding joins us for a candid conversation about the launch of the first professional coed team sport and how his new organization fits into the world of fitness performance that is currently dominated by CrossFit. Can they peacefully coexist? Which athletes outside the CrossFit world might perform best in this new league?

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Big Bench Tips

Big Bench Tips: Mark Bell answers how do I keep my butt down on the bench? Mark also talks about leg drive and how to build stable shoulders for benching.

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Mark Bell’s PowerCast Episode 32 – Who Wants to Lift on TV? – Guest Drew Canavero

Can powerlifting be tweaked to appeal to large mainstream TV audiences similar to the way that the NPFL has tweaked CrossFit-style competition? Also, a look inside the NPFL combine with Drew Canavero.

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Derek Kendall Squats 900 lbs for 5 reps!

Sling Shot athlete Derek Kendall has set his sights on beating the all time squat record set by Andrey Malanichev with a 1014.

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Mark Bell’s PowerCast #31- Give Yourself a New Challenge – Jon Andersen Dominates His 1st Bodybuilding Show

Strongman, wrestler, and now bodybuilder, Jon Andersen returns to talk about the training that led up to winning his first bodybuilding show and talks about the importance of taking chances.

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