Big Skwaat Saturday (ft. Omar Isuf, Kim Tran) | Mark Bell Commentary

David “Zeus” Zyski completes his prep for Rum8 while trading squats with Marcus Sannadan. Omar Isuf experiences knee wraps for the first time. Kim Tran completes her meet prep for LA Fit Expo.

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Matt Vincent’s DRIFTA LIFTA Part 2- Jesse Burdick, Tacos, CSA, Nutrition for Strength Athletes

After getting out of San Francisco, I got on my way to chat with My strength Coach Jesse Burdick at CSA in Pleasanton.

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Mark Bell’s PowerCast #73 – Krissy Mae Cagney Returns

Krissy Mae Cagney of Donuts and Deadlifts returns to the show for a sometimes irreverent, sometimes painfully honest discussion of risque Instagram selfies, preparing to compete in the USAPL, her evolving experience of sobriety, coping with bipolar disorder in a loved one, and mind-expanding travel experiences.

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Mark Bell’s PowerCast #72 – Jim Stoppani – The Lost Episode

BONUS TUESDAY EPISODE! Jim Stoppani (@jimstoppani) carries a doctorate in exercise physiology with a minor in biochemistry from the University of Connecticut, but some people think he has a black belt in bro science.

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Mark Bell’s PowerCast #71 – Finding Failure, Creating Success

Welcome to 2015! This episode was recorded right before we broke for the holidays. We talk about a bunch of stuff, including how to predict your point of failure when attempting a max weight, a cup that tells you your macros, and Bones Jones.

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Rack Pulls and Assistance Squats | Mark Bell Commentary

Rack pulls off the Rogue straps, heavy pulls with the big wheels, and some squat reps for assistance work.

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