PowerCast #81 – Rhino Returns – Guest Stan Efferding

World’s Strongest Bodybuilder, world record-holding powerlifter, and successful entrepreneur, Stan Efferding joins us in studio for what might be our best episode ever. Wait until you hear what he has to say about “If it fits your macros.”

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PowerCast #80 – The Fat Owl Returns – Guest Matt Vincent

Highland Games champ Matt Vincent joins us in studio to talk about why he prefers train alone…most of the time. We also break down a viewer’s squat video, discuss why Jim Wendler has empty rooms in his house, what it’s like to hand out in Iceland with The Mountain, and what the hell an “Accommodator” is.

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Alpha in the Gym and in Life: Mark Bell Interviews Mike Rashid

Mark Bell talks with Mike Rashid about how he entered the fitness world, from his childhood, to harder times later on, and what choices were made along the way to turn Rashid into the successful owner of a supplement company and clothing line that he is today.

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Mike Rashid Trains Bench at Super Training

Mike Rashid is chasing a 500 lb raw bench press. Mark Bell puts him through a very different bench session than what he usually does to help him toward that goal.

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PowerCast #79 – Mike Rashid – Alpha as F**k | SuperTraining.TV

Pro bodybuilder, entrepreneur, and YouTube motivator, Mike Rashid, joins us in studio. We talk about his lifelong work ethic, his intellectual curiosity, single fatherhood, and the influences that shaped his life. We also cover boxing with Team Tyson, his relationship with CT Fletcher, and how to “feel the walls.”

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PowerCast #78 – LA Fit Expo, Sushi, and Big Gay Ice Cream (Almost)

We talk through our experiences at the LA Fit Expo over the weekend between answering listener questions about sumo deadlifts, time management, and how to gain weight (among other topics). We also discuss upcoming events and guests.

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