PowerCast #88 – Background Check

In a change of pace episode, we interview each other and talk about the formative moments that ignited our interests and led us to where we are now.

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PowerCast #87 – Proudest Moments (or Q & A from Meatspin City)

We discuss a variety of listener questions including what sumo deadlifts are really good for, whether you should really squat every day, why poop floats, our favorite athletes, and our proudest moments that came about because of powerlifting.

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You Can Skwaat, but How Much Ya Bench? | Chris Duffin Benches with Mark Bell

Mark Bell takes Chris Duffin through a bench workout and helps him refine his technique to become more betterest.

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Fat Dan First Check in (ft. Silent Mike)

Silent Mike runs Dan through the process of setting his initial macros. Dan shares how the first week or so has gone.

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PowerCast #86 – Adrian Larsen – Never Tell Him Never

Adrian Larsen was born with a disability that limits what his legs can do, but he’s not a guy who accepts limits easily. He even became a bench press champ without even having his feet touch the floor.

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Who is the Kabuki Warrior? | Mark Bell Interviews Chris Duffin

Mark Bell interviews world record-holder Chris Duffin about the early years that ultimately molded him into the motivational weightlifter and successful man that he is today.

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